Remote Work and Collaboration: Teamwork. From everywhere.

Effective team collaboration in different locations and across timezones is becoming more and more important for organizations of all sizes.

Broaden the geographic reach of potential employees, enable flexibility in working schedules and promote team satisfaction.

Requirements analysis and demos

We examine how you work and then come up with suggestions and demos to show you which tools could usefully complement your environment. This will give you the full picture.

Data under your control, hosted on your servers

Working remotely shouldn’t involve outsourcing communications and company secrets, or tracking you and your employees. We implement secure tools that respect your privacy.

Orientation for leaders and managers

Workshops and advice accompany the technical implementation to prepare you for new requirements.

Help with data protection and formalities

We provide entries for new processes and tools for your data protection management (DPMS) as well as suggestions for your HR department (e.g. company agreements).

Remote work is not just a technical question

Effective collaboration has high demands on processes and the way of work in your organization. Our experts at foundata will be happy to advise you, based on our extensive project experience and the working methods we practice in-house.

However, the right tools are just as crucial in achieving the full benefits of remote work and collaboration. At foundata, we rely on powerful open source tools to make collaboration efficient and cost-effective.

Let’s talk about your requirements


You are also welcome to directly send an email to or call us on +49 721 7540 7430 (Mon–Fri, 9:30 am–5 pm). Your data will only be used to process your request and not be transferred to any third party (as described in our privacy statement).

Solution overview

Video conferencing and meetings: BigBlueButton (BBB) and Jitsi Meet

For video conferences and meetings we rely on Jitsi Meet and BigBlueButton (BBB). Both tools offer a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features such as screen sharing, breakout rooms, and polls. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, they also ensure a high level of security during communication.

Digital whiteboard: Excalidraw

Excalidraw is a collaborative online whiteboard where multiple users can depict things visually. Excalidraw fits the bill - whether you’re brainstorming, visualizing concepts, or creating sketches. Real-time synchronization allows all team members to work on the whiteboard at the same time and contribute their ideas. Results can be saved and re-imported for further processing to ensure better meeting preparation and follow-up. The Excalidraw source code is freely available.

Kanban and Scrum: Taiga

Taiga is an open source project management tool that supports both Kanban and Scrum methodologies. With its uncluttered boards and flexible customization options, it enables efficient management and tracking of tasks. From our point of view, it is therefore more suitable for most environments and considerably more user-friendly than, for example, JIRA from Atlassian (even though not as feature rich).

Company and team chat: Matrix with Element

In our opinion, the Matrix protocol is the future of chat solutions. With Element as a client, a modern chat system is created that improves team communication and is in no way inferior to solutions such as Slack and especially Microsoft Teams in terms of functionality. Optional end-to-end encryption and hosting on our own servers ensure secure communication and protect your privacy.

Virtual workplace: WorkAdventure

WorkAdventure is an innovative online platform that offers a fun environment for team collaboration and communication. Employees can move around in a virtual world, meet up and work together on projects. This creates a sense of togetherness even though the team may be physically separated. The source code of all WorkAdventure components is freely accessible.

Tickets, support and service desk: Zammad

We rely on Zammad to keep track of support tickets (internal or external). Zammad is an open source ticketing system known for its ease of use, flexible configuration, and excellent scalability. It supports multiple channels including email, social media, live chat, and phone calls. With features like ticket sharing, task management, and comprehensive reporting, Zammad has everything you need for effective ticket management. Additionally, Zammad’s focus on privacy and security underscores our commitment to protecting our customers’ privacy while providing excellent service.