We are working on the future of IT.

Open technologies, standards and automation are our key to innovation. This is why we rely on open source, DevOps, and continuous process improvement as well as sharing and developing knowledge with our customers.

Our values, our identity

We can only progress as a team. People before processes.

Because each of us has different characteristics. We even respect whoever just typed reboot in the wrong terminal! :-)

Honesty, transparency and trust – internally and externally.

We are honest, because we believe in what we do. We share responsibility, because we have faith in ourselves and our customers. Fair wages - fair prices.

Mistrust authority—promote decentralization

We agree with the hacker ethic. But the bit about authorities and decentralization is particularly important to us.

Agile Mindset

We can’t put it any better than the original: Agile values are a central part of our corporate culture.

How it started, where it’s going.

In 2012, our managing director Andreas left an IT startup that dealt with recommendation algorithms, which also brought the work on his associated scholarship to the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe to an end. The project was technically sound, but unfortunately the team that founded it no longer harmonized.

The situation was exciting: No money. No team. No plan. But this much was clear: as a software developer and operator with a love of open source and automation, Andreas could not simply let existing solutions and approaches languish in an ordinary IT system house. That’s why he founded foundata GmbH together with his fellow student and namesake (under the name SYN Systems GmbH). Since then we have been providing a wide range of customers with proper IT. Our own products followed (for example a QR code API and a QR code generator now popular with millions of users all over the world).

Even though we often work as consultants for large customers and federal authorities and develop our own products, IT operations for small and medium-sized enterprises and schools are still close to our hearts. A lot can be achieved directly - naturally with open source and away from vendor lock-ins. We are proud of what we have achieved so far. We’ll see what comes next. We’re excited. Are you? Then join the team!

The team

For the moment we have decided not to list our team directly on our website and to have drawings made instead of photos. Stay tuned, we’ll be introducing ourselves more personally soon.

You can also find a few of us at Linked-In.


We are always looking for fellows, believers, nerds and hackers who share our open source spirit. Have a look at “Jobs” to find out more about how we work and vacancies.