Come and work at our global office. Remote first.

Our focus is on trust and team spirit. Everyone in our team decides for themselves where they want to work from - as far as we are concerned the location is irrelevant for the result.

Those who choose our on-site office will find ideal conditions and get their own, permanent desk with own office.

Our values, our identity

We can only progress as a team. People before processes.

Because each of us has different characteristics. We even respect whoever just typed reboot in the wrong terminal! :-)

Honesty, transparency and trust – internally and externally.

We are honest, because we believe in what we do. We share responsibility, because we have faith in ourselves and our customers. Fair wages - fair prices.

Mistrust authority—promote decentralization

We agree with the hacker ethic. But the bit about authorities and decentralization is particularly important to us.

Agile Mindset

We can’t put it any better than the original: Agile values are a central part of our corporate culture.


Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to!
Richard Branson

Being at a standstill is never good. That’s why we don’t just work on developing solutions, but also on developing you. Let’s work together to find the right training courses to keep you moving forward. We’ll sound out your interests and plan your personal training budget.

Further benefits

  • Top-notch work equipment with a budget to use as you see fit, plus support and expertise in equipment selection.
  • Responsibility – at foundata you get your own voice and ownership from day one. We achieve more that way than if we interfere in each other’s business.
  • Mobility – we prefer to promote public transport and cycling, but we are not dogmatic (we understand that a car is often the only alternative):
    • Deutschlandticket (JobTicket)
    • If it makes more sense for you than pure gross salary: Bahncard 100 or company car.
    • JobRad


Workation originates from the words work and vacation. It means combining work and leisure to allow employees to relax and be more productive. In practice, this means that the place of work is relocated, e.g. to a holiday location or somewhere outdoors. At foundata this is not just an empty promise, but actually feasible if you can manage it, of course with our support. Work and discover the world.

We are up to date on formalities such as postings and insurance. Our collaboration tools, which we also use for customers, are not just useful when working from home but also on the go.

Working at the beach, photo by our colleague Frederik.
On the road to the north.

Our Techstack

To give you an impression of the possibilities out-of-the-box:

  • Automation:
    • Ansible (and the Python ecosystem that comes with it)
    • Powershell (in the system provider area)
  • Web development (in-house):
    • Python, Django, PostgreSQL
    • Hugo
    • Tailwind CSS
  • Consulting and enterprise consulting:
    • Red Hat solutions (RHEL, OpenShift, Ansible)
    • Network automation (Ansible, target platforms from Cisco (primarily NX-OS and ACI) and Omada in the SME/SMB area)
    • HashiCorp solutions (Vault, Terraform)
  • System provider area:

Linux laptops are our main working devices (free choice of distribution, Fedora currently prevailing). The hardware mostly comes from Lenovo or framework. MacBooks with macOS are of course also possible, but in terms of internal support these are 2nd class citizens.

Our office in Karlsruhe

  • We have plenty of space and the top two floors of the building to ourselves. In addition to chic offices, we also offer a well-equipped meeting room, three kitchens and two showers.
  • Excellently equipped IT laboratory whose services can also be used remotely. Four racks full of technology, VM hosts, IP sockets, Pi-KVM and serial-to-SSH servers in laboratory networks with VPN make this possible. Of course we also have a 3D printer room(!) and lots of tools for tinkering about.
  • If you want to work regularly on site, you will have your own office with a permanent desk and a secure parking space for your vehicle (whether bike or car). We currently have fifteen underground parking spaces, three wall boxes and several normal sockets. We also have six parking spaces in the inner courtyard, which are currently reserved for visitors.

Address, map, directions

foundata GmbH
Steinhäuserstraße 20
76135 Karlsruhe

Application process

Send your application as an email to, attachments ideally as PDF files. Your contact person is Andreas Haerter. Our team is on first-name terms and this is also okay in applications. If you feel more comfortable using a more formal tone during the application, we will of course respect this.

Applications typically go through the following stages:

  • Viewing: Your application documents will be viewed and evaluated by us. You will receive a confirmation of receipt.
  • Getting to know each other: If we find your application suitable, we will invite you to a video call1 to exchange initial information and to clarify basic questions as well as to go into depth on points from your application, in particular the financial framework and salary. These calls usually last 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Draft employment contract: If everything is still fine for you and us, you will receive a draft employment contract for review. This is not yet an offer, but is meant to avert any surprises or ambiguities.
  • Hiring is a team decision for us. That’s why we’d like to spend a working day with you and do something in the evening (that’s on us, of course).
  • Decision and offer: If you and we think “Hell yeah!” after this day, the draft employment contract will become an offer and you will hopefully become part of our team. If not: at least we all had an interesting day.


We expect openness, commitment, honesty and the willingness to support our open source spirit.

System administrator (m/f/d), permanent position, full time

Exemplary activities:

  • You help to support all parts of our IT services for SME
  • You advise customers (requirement analysis, development of strategies and solutions)
  • You take care of building on-prem infrastructure.
  • You maintain server systems and services.
  • You develop and automate application deployments.

Must Haves:

  • Linux knowledge
  • German and English at business level, spoken and written
  • Completed IT training, studies or comparable qualifications (e.g. relevant certificates and professional experience for your department)
  • Distinct customer orientation
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to work independently

Nice to Have (can also be learned, but the more experienced, the better):

  • Windows knowledge
  • Powershell knowledge
  • Ansible knowledge
  • Basic network knowledge (IPv4, IPv6, TCP, routing, ACLs, …)
  • Mail server administration

DevOps engineer (m/f/d), permanent position, full time

Exemplary activities:

  • You advise customers regarding introduction of CI/CD workflows and implement corresponding processes and pipelines.
  • You take care of the setup and configuration of container platforms as part of customer projects.
  • You manage IT infrastructure, cloud or container platform in customer projects according to DevOps principles.
  • You determine and collect key figures for monitoring and performance evaluation.
  • You regularly deal with topics related to container and cloud technologies and continue to extend your knowledge.

Must Haves:

  • Spoken and written English at business level
  • Completed IT training, studies or comparable qualifications (e.g. relevant certificates and professional experience for your department)
  • Linux knowledge
  • Git knowledge
  • DevOps knowledge (procedural) as well as experience with appropriate tools (preferably Ansible and Terraform; but also SaltStack, Chef, Puppet are nice to show your knowledge).
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to work independently

Nice to Have (can also be learned, but the more experienced, the better):

  • German at business level, spoken and written
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes (preferably OpenShift)
  • Experience with monitoring tools (Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix)
  • Basic network knowledge (IPv4, IPv6, TCP, routing, ACLs, …)
  • Knowledge of at least one cloud stack (preferably OpenStack, AWS)
  • Experience with artifact and supply chain security

Technical apprenticeship

At foundata you can train as an IT specialist in system integration or application development - even if you didn’t finish your studies. We expect you to be highly motivated and to have passed your Abitur exams (or comparable level of secondary education) with good grades in mathematics and English.

You will enjoy excellent training with dedicated trainers (Andreas, Tatjana, Eibhlin) and also work closely with management in everyday life. Your professional school is only a few meters away from the office, so its infrastructure and equipment are close by, plus you can park there and always have a pleasant place to stay in free periods.

We pay an apprenticeship salary of €980 in the first year, €1070 in the second and €1160 in the third. In addition, you will be provided with high-quality work equipment, teaching materials and a Deutschlandticket (JobTicket).

Annual best certificate of the IHK Karlsruhe 2020 for excellent training
We have already received official awards for our technical apprenticeship.

  1. If it’s not too out of the way for you, you are of course welcome to come to Karlsruhe personally for this interview. Video is not a disadvantage for you in the process. We just find it inappropriate to offer remote jobs and then let applicants travel across the country who may not even be sure whether foundata is the right place for them. ↩︎