Linux solutions for your organization

Modern workloads are inconceivable without Linux. Be a pioneer and free yourself from dependencies: this can work in many environments - without or even with Windows.

Open standards and secure protocols

Rely on software that implements standards correctly and works for multiple manufacturers. Open source is our key to success.

Linux clients. Dare to be different!

Linux Clients: Dare to be different! Talent is scarce. Developers, engineers and scientists enjoy working with Linux. You too can stand out of the crowd.

Modular and flexible

Full transparency and complete control over every component. No inflexible complete solutions and their legacy systems.

Security and compliance

We implement your requirements, or regulatory requirements and standards. Effective protection against ransomware included.

We rely on Linux ourselves

All of our staff work with Linux, including our administrative staff. We believe firmly in its ease of use and are happy to share our experiences with you.

Your path to greater sovereignty

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to introducing Linux, particularly on clients. An in-depth analysis of current use and the subsequent development of alternatives is therefore essential. We are happy to provide advice.

Let’s talk about your environment


You are also welcome to directly send an email to or call us on +49 721 7540 7430 (Mon–Fri, 9:30 am–5 pm). Your data will only be used to process your request and not be transferred to any third party (as described in our privacy statement).

Linux clients

In cooperation with you and your employees, we will develop a customized Linux client, providing expert advice based on years of experience. An excellent user experience is of the utmost importance to us and we will continue to work on improving the solution based on your feedback.

Security is also a priority for us. We implement standards such as PCI-DSS or ISO 27001 according to BSI IT-Grundschutz, using tools like OpenSCAP and benchmarks like CIS.

Our client solutions are based on Fedora (preferred), openSUSE or Ubuntu.

Application software

End applications are crucial for the successful use of Linux on clients. Software developers and scientific staff in particular often feel happier using Linux rather than working with Microsoft Windows. If you’re not already familiar with Linux, you’ll be amazed at how inviting the ecosystem is or how much easier it is to run the tools you need on Linux instead of Windows.

In administrative or management areas, however, this is not always the case. Therefore, a successful Linux introduction is generally linked to the operation of cross-platform office and communication tools:

Of course, we also train employees and ensure transparency and knowledge transfer in your company.

What about Microsoft Office? What about Adobe software?

There are scenarios in which there is a dependency on individual software packages that are not available under Linux and cannot be replaced by alternatives. This can be the case in particular with industry software (e.g. Autodesk, Adobe) or Microsoft Office.

There are two possible solutions here:

  • We can provide individual applications for Linux via remote access / windowless RDP and run the application centrally on virtual machines under Windows. However, this requires a stable network or internet connection and integration into the rest of the desktop is not possible to the extent of a native application.
  • We can integrate Microsoft Windows clients for workstations into your Linux environment, provided this is the best choice (e.g. for administrative workstations).

Fully automated

We adhere to a consistent DevOps approach and apply automated and reproducible system settings on both the client and server side.

We use (amongst others):