Microsoft solutions for your organization (on-prem)

We support Microsoft environments (on-premises) with world class support, concepts and automation.

Configuration management, DevOps-approach

We describe the desired technical target state of systems (declaration). Tools like Powershell DSC implement this in a reproducible and repeatable manner.

Automated software deployments

Years of experience in packaging and scripting setups ensure that software is kept up-to-date and secure, including niche and legacy applications.

Complete control of your data

We offer solutions without Microsoft 365 - and deliver the entries for the data protection management system (DPMS) at the same time.


Effective protection against ransomware with finely tuned rights concepts, snapshots and monitoring.

Professional Windows Administration

If the opportunity arises we will (more than) gladly accompany you along the path away from Windows and Microsoft. However, many companies have already invested heavily in established Microsoft technologies or are tied to Microsoft Windows due to dependencies or industry software. We also support these systems fully, using the most modern approaches.

Let’s talk about your environment


You are also welcome to directly send an email to or call us on +49 721 7540 7430 (Mon–Fri, 9:30 am–5 pm). Your data will only be used to process your request and not be transferred to any third party (as described in our privacy statement).

Automation in Windows environments

We also follow a consistent DevOps approach under Windows and apply automated and reproducible system settings on both the client and server side.

Among other things, we use:

  • PXE installations, Windows Deployment Service (WDS) on the LAN
  • Powershell and Powershell DSC
  • Scripting for automated creation and maintenance of group policies (GPOs):
    • Application centrally via Active Directory for LAN clients
    • or via packaging and lgpo.exe for mobile Windows clients without a permanent connection to the company network.

Corporate software deployment repositories

The centralized and automated distribution and updating of software is one of the core elements for the security and maintainability of your Windows environment.

We don’t need costly solutions like Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ECM, formerly SCCM) and achieve our goals without the cloud-based products Intune and Autopilot:

  • We provide corporate software deployment repositories or build them in your environment.
  • You can rely on our extensive experience, up to the automation of exotic industry solutions.
  • Reliable supply of clients with software updates. No matter if they are located in the LAN or if they are mobile Windows clients without permanent connection to the company network and have to fall back on the internet.

What we don’t (won’t) offer

No open source replicas of Microsoft solutions

In general, foundata relies on the strengths of open source, open standards and interoperability. Microsoft solutions often break with these values, especially when it comes to standards and interoperability with other manufacturers or products.

Nevertheless, we do not consider open source replicas of closed Microsoft protocols or products to be effective. You may run into compatibility problems1 without gaining interoperability or promoting open standards. We therefore also take a critical view of solutions such as Univention Corporate Server (UCS), Kopano or grommunio, which also lack modularity.

For example, if an active directory with managed Windows clients is needed, it makes sense in our view to use original Microsoft Windows Server software.

No Microsoft 365 / Exchange Online

We do not migrate to Microsoft 365 as we are convinced that this SaaS cloud solution does not deliver the best outcomes for our customers. The incompatibility of Exchange and Outlook with all other relevant clients and solutions creates a dependency which could otherwise be avoided. This is further reinforced by Exchange-Online and the dovetailing with other Microsoft services such as Sharepoint and Teams.

The use of Microsoft 365 in companies where professional data protection is involved can also generate an enormous amount of effort and thus costs. The recording of processing activities and legal bases, as well as the data protection impact assessment required in many environments prior to introduction, are extremely time-consuming. Furthermore, the legal basis for data transmission remains unresolved.

M365 Cloud Exit

As it so happens we do offer support for an “M365 Cloud Exit”. If your company is considering this, our experts will help you migrate away from Microsoft 365 and build a customized, cost-effective and secure on-premises solution instead.