IT project management

As an external IT project manager, we don’t just offer security. We also place great value on sustainable and future-proof outcomes.

Company crisis? Project in trouble? We can help!

Things aren’t going smoothly? No budget left due to poor investments? Rest assured that our expertise will save your project and provide new impetus.

Agile or traditional

We get by in different worlds. Our focus is on agile approaches. But of course we understand that there are also finance departments and project plans to be dealt with.

If everyone doesn’t pull together…

IT projects often run over budget. The impact on existing structures is often unclear. More and more people have been involved – external service providers, various internal teams and lots of other parties – but the cooperative effort is stalling and the project is not making progress. You sense that everything is heading towards a disaster and the motivation to do the right thing is waning. If this sounds familiar, we should talk.

We have extensive experience in both general and technical project management as well as being a Scrum Product Owner. And we save projects in times of crisis. Give your team a boost, hire foundata to manage your IT project or to consult your executives.

Agile is not a buzzword for us. You have our word.

Our team has internalized agile values und principles. You can expect commitment, focus, openness, respect, and courage.

Let’s talk about your projects


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